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Real Estate

As a New Jersey Real Estate Lawyer I have helped my clients sell and purchase their homes. Sometimes a short-sale is necessary when you owe more on mortgage than the property is worth. I obtain the approvals from the mortgage company to reduce the mortgage pay off and get the property sold.

Foreclosure Defense

As a New Jersey Foreclosure Lawyer I have filed answers to complaints and motions to dismiss that have stopped the foreclosure process for my clients.

Mortgage Modification

 As a New Jersey Mortgage Lawyer I have helped several hundred clients obtain affordable mortgage payments. Reduced interest rates, principal reduction, extended term and elimination of late fees are some of the ways to modify a mortgage loan. To learn more go to my web page Mortgage Modification.

Bankruptcy Protection

– As a New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer I am a Debt Relief Agency under the United States Bankruptcy Code. I have filed thousands of petitions for clients in Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Bankruptcy provides a fresh new financial start. In almost all cases my clients can keep their home, cars and personal property because their property is exempt from the bankruptcy.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

 As a Federal Lawyer I represent clients that have had their rights violated by debt collectors. Many debt collectors do not comply with the strict laws that govern the way they conduct collection activities. I sue debt collectors or debt collection agencies when they break the law and obtain monetary awards for our clients.

News Room

(Adopted from National Consumer Law Center, 3/24/2020) Links to Foreclosure Moratoriums and Suspensions by the Major Mortgage Investors Federal Housing Administration Veterans Affairs U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Rural Home Service (bottom of page 1)  Fannie Mae Freddie Mac Loan Modifications …
Non-payment of certain debts have sudden and dire consequences for your family. Deal with these debts immediately—either pay these debts first or otherwise follow this advice on how to manage these debts. Never pay smaller, low priority debts just because …
#1: Contact all your lenders any bill you have and ask for a 60-day deferment of your payments. Most will say yes. If they say no – tell them you can’t afford to pay them and your workers and their benefits. …

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